Greetings and Welcome!
Perhaps you need a Spock to protect or just to please your site?
Then why you donīt adopt one of these Mind Spocks? These Spocks need you!
Just have a look at, choose one, adopt him and give him a new home on your homepage.
I will also put your site into my adopt-list.
What you have to do?

Right click on the Spock of your choice and upload it to your server...

If done, please fill out the form below completely, to be listet in the Adopt-List, or write an Email to , with your name and url and the subject "I have adopted a Mind Spock".

Please download also the certificate and paste it near your Mind Spock. Link it back to
You may order your personel certification, just send me an Email.


Use the form , to be listed in the Adopt-List


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