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Birthdate: 2230
Place of birth: Vulcan
StarfleetSerialNumber: S179-276SP
Blood type: T-negative
Mother: Amanda Grayson, Human, teacher
Vather: Sarek, Vulcan, diplomat
Spock was the first Vulcan to enlist in the Federation Starfleet, aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. He was science officer under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Later he became the position of the executing officer under the command of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. His Vather, Sarek, had hoped his son would attend the Vulcan Science Academy, and was disappointed when young Spock instead choose to join Starfleet. Both had not spocken as father and son for 18 years when a medical emergency drew them together [because Sarek had a bad desease he needed special vulcan blood. Spock was the one who helped him -> TOS episode "Journey to Babel"]

Following the conclusion of Kirk´s five-year mission, Spock retired from Starfleet, returning to Vulcan to purse the Kolinahr discipline. Although he completed the training, intended to purge all remaining emotion, Spock nonetheless failed to achieve Kolinahr because his emotions were stirred by the V´Ger entity n 2271 [-> StarTrek: The Motion Picture] Spock remained with Starfleet and was promoted to Enterprise captain when that ship was assigned as a training vessel at Starfleet Academy.
Spock was killed in 2285 while saving the Enterprise from the detonation of the Genesis Device by
Khan Noonien Singh.
His body was consigned to space, but unknown to anyone, his casket landed on the Genesis Planet. Although believed dead at the time, Spock had, just prior to his death, mind-melded with Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. Spock had intended for his friend to return Spock´s katra to Vulcan in accordance with Vulcan custom. The presence of Spock´s living spirit in McCoy´s mind was later found to be an opportunity tob re-unite Spock´s body and spirit when his body was found to have been regenerated on the Genesis Planet.
In later years, Spock´s work became more diplomatic than scientific, even while he was still part of Starfleet. At the request of Ambassador Sarek, Spock served as Federation special envoy to the Klingon government in 2293, paving the way for the Khitomer peace accords with Chancelor Azetbur.[ StarTrek VI: The Undiscovered Country]
In 2368, Spock secretly traveled to Romulus, on a personal mission to further the cause of Romulan-Vulcan re-unification. [TNG]

Born: 26 March 1931

Place of birth: Boston, Massa

Realations: Married to Susan Bay Nimoy

Children: Julie & Adam

Parents: Max & Dora Nimoy


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