Here you have the posibility to nominate your site for the Spock´s Mind Award Of Excellence. Please read all criterias carefully. There are three gradations: Gold, Silver & Bronze. Every award is given out with its own ID. The Vulcan Rose is a very special award and you cannot apply for this award. It is given to sites that impress me in the one or other way. There are no criterias for this award. Winners of this award are also listed in the winners area.

Spock´s Mind Awards are given out to honour other sites for their hard work. Therefore, the criterias are high. If you nominated your site and you didn´t win an award you can nominate your site again 3 month later. The same is for new nominations, for silver & bronce winners. Your site is submitted, now what? Have look at the STATUS. There you can see, which site is nominated, which site is rejected. 4 **** mean that the evaluation is complete.  Now please read carefully all criterias. 

Award Examples :



General Criterias


Which site can apply?
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Star Trek Sites


Why was my site rejected immediately?
1) Site is commercial
2) Site is giving out awards, but there is no winner list
3) Site has illegal, pornographic, racistic content
4) Site does not include a Disclaimer/Copyright Note
5) Site loads, loads, still loading after 4 minutes.


The four main criterias

Site Idea - Max points: 10

Questions here:

What was the intention for creating the site?  What does the site represent? Has the site something special, something unique? Does the site have unique aspects that make the visitor come back? Because Spock´s Mind Awards are given out to Science Fiction Sites: Does the site reflect philosophical conceptions?  Please note: A site including just downloads or normal information ressources will earn a max. of  05 points here.

Site Design

Max points: 15
Graphical conversion
Max points: 15
Navigation/Site Structure
Max points: 10
Other: Use of colouzr, fonts, load time technique
Max points: 10

Questions here:

Is the graphical content selfmade? If not there must be a copyright notice and a link to the copyright holder, if present. Is the design & Presentation eye pleasing? Is it something special, something you can´t find anywhere? Are the graphics clear and optimized? Are there good navigation possibilities? Is navigation simple or confusing? Is the site well structured, is anything in place? Is the use of colour, font and the loading time appropriate and/or pleasant? Does the site make use of special technology? If so, is it effective?  Is the site at least well viewable with Netscape & IExplorer?

Site Content

Max points: 10
Quality/Selfmade content
Max points: 10
Variety of content
Max points: 10

Special points/plusses for:

Originality/Unique Content
Max points: 10

Questions here:

Is content appropriate presented? Is there more than *About me*, *My Links*, *My pics*? Is the content made by yourself or just copied? Is there a wide range of content? Are there interactive areas on the site? Is the content interesting? Does it keep your visitors stay? Can this content be found anywhere or is it something special? Does the site contain something unique, something original?

Personal impression
Max points: 10
Questions here:
Does the site leaving me a feeling like *wow*? Perhaps the site get me thinking or laughing or is just well designed, eye pleasing or informative.....


The following things can cause points of minus:

1) Right clicking suppression (-5 points)
2) more than 2 Unfinished areas (-5 points)
3) Dead links/graphics (-1 point each)
4) More than 6 popups (-10)



Possible points: 100 + 10 Extra Points.
95+ Points       = Gold
080-094 Points   = Silver
065-079 POints  = Bronze

Good Luck :)