Introduction/Simulation Online Games

A sim is basically an online role playing game. Sims are fun, exciting and provide hours of entertainment. If you have ever wanted to serve on a starship, be a Federation officer, Klingon warrior or Romulan centurian, sims are the place for you!

For a sim, every person gets to make up their own character. Every character has
certain advantages, disadvantages, abilities, fears and so forth. You will be given a post at a sim on the ship... such as Helm, Security, Engineer and so forth and from there you will work with the rest of your crew to solve the mission at hand... it could be trying to stop a virus outbreak at some distant Federation colony, or it could be battling a Borg ship. There are unlimited possibilities as far as sims go.

Computer and video games are great, but there's no interaction with other people, and as soon as you beat the game, its over. The great things about sims is that you get to interact with other real people as its going on, and there is no set program for the game... it will keep on going from week to week, from mission to mission, and you can even make up the mission and who knows, some day, you may even command a ship.

There are different RPGs on the net. There are a few good RPGs in the RPG Link Section. You can choose a Play by Email Sim or by Chat. You can play StarTrek based games, Star Wars based games and so on.....There are no frontiers......It depends on how and what  you like to play and on how much time you want to invest in a game like this. I recommend to check out all the Star Trek RPG sites in this section. There will come more banners of other RPGs soon.

If you have a good RPG and want me to add your banner in this section, just write me an Email and a short description, so that I know what kind of RPG your site deals with. I will add Science Fiction and Star Trek RPG banners in this section.....

Have fun and while playing, remember: "To boldly go where no man (one) has gone before!"

Admiral Pike